Eden of East Hampton 2015

The only historical reference about the East Hampton Village Nature Trail / Duck Pond in book form. Dell mixes his amazing photography with years of research and interviews with key figures in the East Hampton, historical and wildlife community. He recreates photographs from a rare collection around the turn of the century as well as digitally restoring the only completed illustrated map of the "Japanese Gardens of the Woodhouse family" from 1936. An absolute COLLECTORS ITEM as the first edition is extremely limited. There are however; a series of special editions still available if you can find them (large landscape format and hardcovers). It's very possible Dell will seek a publisher in the near future for this work. Until then, it's pricey yet available at Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Blurb, and other online book stores.

Aquatic Ballet: a Complete Performance 2016 - 2019

Originally released as a 3 piece coffee table book arraignment in 2016, it was rereleased with bonus material as a full size photo book in both hard and soft cover. Dell's close up and in-depth high speed shots of the oceans most mesmerizing dance is simply extraordinary. Throw in a few storms and a handful of sunrises, and Dell simply captures nature's magic and her living sea. The 3 book coffee table sets are limited but, still available through Dell only. The new edition book is available on Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Blurb and other online book stores.

Life at the Beach 2016 - SOLD OUT

Written by both Dell and his 90 year old mother Emily Burke-Cullum, this book shares his original family photographs and memories of Emily, who was born ON the beach at Fort Pond in Montauk in 1926, and whose home was ON the beach at Fort Pond when the 1938 Hurricane came through like a freight train of fury, leaving a complete community devastated in its wake. The company that printed these books went out of business and there are less than a half dozen in existence. If your really lucky you'll find one signed by both Emily and Dell. Not available in stores. Only available by contacting Dell.

Still Life: Volume One 2017

So, what does one artist do when given a realistic mannequin torso? Dell answers that question in his unique and sometimes comical photo book, aptly titled Still Life. Dell's subject, Tiffany Torso, shows her stuff (or at least part of it) at various locations. Some of his other mannequin art is also displayed, including the hands and Chromethel. I'm sure we'll be seeing more of Tiffany and her friends in another volume at some point. You never know where they will show up...

Available ONLY by contacting Dell Cullum at

Local History Like You've Never Seen 2017

Another amazing look at East Hampton Town's local history through photographs never before seen. Images from both sides of Dell's family were handed down to him, and through exhibits, films and books like this and "Life at the Beach". The collection is enormous, and for the safety of their future existence, Dell has been cataloging each photo and donating parts of the collection to various institutions where they are being achieved correctly (Montauk Library / Amagansett Historical Association / East Hampton Library / Sag Harbor Historical Society/Shelter Island Historical )

This book contains just a small look at the collection covering various hamlets of East Hampton (Montauk, Amagansett, Springs, Gardiner's Island, East Hampton Village, Sag Harbor) with descriptions for each historical piece displayed. This book is limited edition but, there are many left. They are available at and through the author himself.

A second volume is certain for the future, as the collection is massive and full of wondrous visual history that must be shared.

The Wild Adventures of Scurry the Squirrel: Book One 2017

This project is Dell's pride and joy. This book is the first in what will surely be a long running series, and maybe even more. Scurry is a real-life rehab squirrel raised by Dell and his wife Dee. Their rehab work brings them close to many wildlife critters as they conveless but, none as special as their little grey squirrel Scurry. Through the children's book series, Scurry teaches kids about local wildlife, separating the fact from fiction while educating on how to live with wildlife rather than finding ways to eliminate it, or keep it out of our lives. Scurry and his friends are introduced in this first book of the series that is split into two stories, along with incredible illustrations by artist and animal lover Michele S. Mott.

This book is available on Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Blurb, other online book stores and by contacting the author Dell Cullum at

Scurry the Squirrel becomes a Nature/Story walk

The Friends of the Long Pond Greenbelt have created a Nature Trail / Story Walk with the first book in the Scurry the Squirrels children's book series. Starting in November 2019, those who walk the Nature Trail at Mashashimuet Park in Sag Harbor, NY can now read the Wild Adventures of Scurry the Squirrel (book one) in the books own live setting, Scurry's habitat, the woods. Thanks to the Friends of Long Pond Greenbelt for their support for Scurry and his objective of educating our youth, and for protecting the Long Pond Greenbelt.

The Wild Adventures of scurry the squirrel: Book Two 2019

The long anticipated second book in the Wild Adventures of Scurry the Squirrel series. This time, Scurry takes the reader on an adventure into the neighboring woods where he meets up with several of his wildlife friends. Meanwhile, back at the rehab center, Dell and Dee take in another lost baby squirrel named Scooter. What a surprise it's going to be for Scurry when he returns from his grand adventure. This story is amazing, and will be loved by both young and old.

Dell is most proud of this series, and this volume in general. The illustrations are again wonderfully created by artist Michele S. Mott, who brings the story to life for the reader. It's well worth shopping for a publisher to help keep this series going, and reaching children everywhere. This is Dell's goal for this book series. Meanwhile, the book is available at Blurb Bookstore (link below), or from the author himself. Book signings will be announced on Imagination Nature Facebook page.


Those books available at the Blurb Bookstore may also be available in E-Book format. Click on the link to see if a particular book is available as an E-Book.

Other Publications

Dell Cullum has contributed both stories and photos for a variety of books and publications. He also writes a monthly column for the Montauk Sun Magazine (click here). Here are just a few publications that Dell has contributed to:

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Learning From Longhouse

by Jack Lenor Larsen

Saving Our Seabirds

By Lynn Matsuoka

Sag Harbor

by annette hinkle


by lisa hartman

Here Is New York: a Democracy of Photographs 2002

Although I'm credited in this book, the photos I donated to the project are not published within. I was told the photographs I took that day and the days following were forwarded to an interested organization, with the intent of using them to further raise funds for both fire, police and 911 related charities. I gave them permission to do whatever they wanted with the collection. I retained a small collection of photos for myself and sometimes display certain ones each anniversary on the Imagination Nature facebook page.

Galapagos Expedition 2016 the green

A souvenir photo album containing the photographs of both Billy Strong and Dell Cullum. This book was created for the film opening and following screenings. Contact Billy Strong at the Green Explorer website for information / purchase of this title.