As a child, Dell would gather the neighborhood kids together and recreate action movies with his Kodak 8mm movie camera. He'd edit the thin strip of film with scissors and scotch tape and add lighting effects by scratching into the film with a needle in an animation progression, all under a magnifying glass fixed to a weighted stand with masking tape. At 16, he would hand deliver his very first screenplay "Fins of Death" to the great Otto Preminger at Columbia Studios Offices in NYC, a golden opportunity arraigned by a family friend.

Decades later, Dell continues to create motion film pieces that not only entertain but, also lends a message to his viewers about particular issues or subject matter. His environmental films are a testament to his hard work as a crusader against trash and litter, particularly on our beaches. "Cleaning the Sands of Time" is a strong look at the problem with trash affecting the shorelines of Long Island's most popular east end beaches. "Isabela: a Green Explorer Expedition" is an amazing full length documentary, following the incredibly talented artist/ sculpture Billy Strong (a.k.a. the Green Explorer - as he takes an unauthorized look at the impact, ocean-borne trash and debris has on the shorelines of the world's most pristine of locations; the Galapagos.

Dell has also produced many short films for the local television station in East Hampton; LTV, and his own YouTube station. Imagination Nature TV is Dell's favorite accomplishment. Starting in 2014, Dell single handedly produced, filmed and hosted a local nature & wildlife program, again for LTV ( Its popularity quickly grew and so did the production quality of the show, which basically showcased Dell's wonderful wildlife photography and motion footage, while he educated his audience with interesting information and fun facts. Through his Imagination Nature show, Dell took us beyond his hometown and taught us about wildlife in other parts of the country, and even the Galapagos. Dell just ended the series after 5 years with his 25th special episode. All Imagination nature episodes can be seen on on Video On Demand (VOD) or Dell's YouTube channel (see link below).

His amazing drone abilities have landed him work for other production companies as well. Checkerboard films had Dell shoot aerial footage for their film about textile legend Jack Lenor Larsen, in LarsenWorld. His beautiful LongHouse Reserve also had Dell shoot aerial photos for their book. Most recently (Oct. 2019) Conscience Point was released at the 2019 Hampton International Film Festival. Dell's incredible drone footage is seen throughout the film.

PLEASE VISIT Dell's YOUTUBE station for all his films, shorts and PSA's. Enjoy!! Dell Cullum's Channel (YouTube)

The Butterfly Effect Project

produced by Joe lauro - edited by Dell Cullum - photos by Michael Daly & Jim Lennon - music by Bireli Snow

Filmed for the AFTEE Online Music Special to support the Food Pantry on the East End of Long Island, NY

Another Hunker Down Day-The HooDoo Loungers

The HooDoo's brand new release for the AFTEE online music special, to benefit the Food Pantry on the East End. Produced by Joe Lauro and edited by Dell Cullum of

Momma, I Love You -

Winston Irie

A music video produced for the AFTEE online event June 7, 2020 by Dell Cullum with audio production and mix by Mick Hargreaves

Aquatic Ballet

a natural performance

1,000 Years a Witness

Another awesome film by Bryan Downey and WINNER of the 2019 Best Shorts Competition. Destined to be a PBS Series, Bryan hopes to visit with Native American elders of all tribes around the country and listen to their story. His first installment documents the Shinnecock Indian Nation (People of the Stony Shore).

Once again, Dell Cullum has contributed his cinematic drone skills for the film, and could possibly do more for the ongoing series, which will be shot around the country.

Conscience Point

Vile Bohea Productions. produced by Treva Wurmfeld, Julianna Brannum, Alli Joseph. Written & Directed by Treva Wurmfeld.

Premiering at the 2019 Hamptons International Film Festival October 2019 - Southampton & Sag Harbor Premieres.

Dell said, "I'm very fortunate to have been asked to work on this project with both Treva & Alli. It's an important film with a message being released at just the right time." You'll see a lot of Dell's aerial drone footage throughout the film.

Check the website by clicking here.

LarsenWorld: Longhouse in East Hampton

Checkerboard films produced this wonderful film about Jack Lenor Larsen, his life, his legendary career and his magical creation of LongHouse Reserve. Dell was asked to do the drone photography and also contributed footage from a concert they hosted. It's a wonderful film. To purchase, CLICK HERE.

LongHouse Reserve Summer Gala 2019 - Intro. Film

This is Dell's second film short produced specifically for the LongHouse Reserve. His first film short premiered at Lincoln Center. This year's Summer Gala was held on location at the LongHouse Reserve and the film welcomed the guests and honorees as they were seated for the ceremonies. Dell has a wonderful relationship with the LongHouse Reserve. He does presentations, visits and workshops each year for their wonderful organization, members and guests.

Cleaning the Sands of Time

The 2017 updated version of the 2014 original. This film takes a look at the impact trash has on our most beautiful beaches on the east end of Long Island, NY .

Local Life: East Hampton Town

Episode One: Mike Martinsen of Montauk Pearl Oysters shows us how his oyster farming business operates.

Imagination Nature: Episode 14 - The galapagos Special

-Amazon Prime Members can view "Isabela" for free-


Available on Amazon Germany, Japan, UK, USA and Ananda Films in France

Isabela: a Green Explorer Expedition - Movie Trailer #1

The Kelsey Exhibit - film 2019

An Imagination Nature production of Dell Cullum's amazing summer, historical photo exhibit. With the generous space provided by the Amagansett Historical Association, Dell exhibited century old photographs that fortunately ended up in his possession as they were being brought to the dump with other items from an abandoned home. Dell's research alone was remarkable, but his arraignment of the exhibit literally told a lost story of Amagansett's interesting past, through the actual eyes of the family who took the photographs. The exhibit was so well received, it was extended for an additional month, then Dell made this film so it can be viewed anytime. After all, the photos exhibited hadn't been seen since they were taken, boxed away and lost, over a century ago.