Dell Cullum has been shooting since his early days in the US Navy where he originally enlisted to be a Photographers Mate. The training school was full, and rather than wait Dell ended up graduating top honors in Submarine School. Not a promising backdrop for a budding photographer but, that would soon change when he moved to Hawaii.

Fast forward forty years later, and Dell has worked in just about every field of photography from documenting disasters for FEMA, real estate photos for celebrities, livestock and insurance work to photojournalism, surveillance, fire & rescue and so much more. His fine art photography covers a vast array of subjects from majestic sunrises, mesmerizing landscapes, close up wildlife, dangerous conditions and the beauty of the human body.

His black and white nudes have sold nationwide and internationally in Paris, Milan, Austria, Japan, Morocco, and more. His colorful sunrise and beach scenes are very popular; however, his high-speed water and wave photography is his biggest selling category. His wildlife photography is also quite amazing because he doesn't use super long lenses but, rather prefers to gain the trust of the animal (sometimes over a period of time) and get up close and personal for some really good shots.

Dell started his photography career with a 35mm film camera, and was quite familiar with working in a dark room. Presently he shoots digital, and is a master in the digital dark room as well. An original student of Adobe's very first version of Photoshop, Dell remains very knowledgeable in the use of all Adobe products and does instruction from time to time when available. This has allowed Dell to become quite amazing at photo restoration and alteration as well. There is really no project too big for Dell to take on. For inquiries, please use the contact form on the CONTACT page, or email Dell at

To hire Dell for a particular shoot (portraits, events, private, etc.) please contact him through the CONTACT FORM on the contact page.

If your interested in modelling, Dell Cullum is often looking for folks to help him with artistic ideas of all genres. Male, female, young and old, (even pets) are welcome to contact Dell and leave your information. Dell will contact you when a project becomes ready for a shoot. Email information and photo to

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Photographic Contributions

Newspapers, Magazines and more -

Dell has contributed his photographs to 13 newspapers in 4 states, been published in 11 magazines, 8 websites, several books, and countless brochures, annuals and newsletters. He was a cartoonist for an Idaho newspaper, and presently writes a column each month for the Montauk Sun, where he also uses his photography. His photos can also be seen at many local businesses, and folks even purchase rights to use his photos for Holiday cards. Artists and art schools also use Dell's photographs for artistic reproduction and drawing & sketching training (karyn mannix contemporary & art school).

Dell was a contributing photographer on the masthead of the East Hampton Star for several years, contributing over a hundred photographs and making dozens of covers. At the same time he was contributing to the East Hampton Press, Southampton Press, The Beacon and the Independent newspaper. Dell also contributed to the Star's magazine EAST (first three editions) but then left the EH Star entirely. Dell still contributes from time to time to ALL the local newspapers and magazines, excluding the East Hampton Star / East Magazine.

Dell Cullum has also donated his work and time to a number of local and regional charities, fundraisers and auctions. This includes the East Hampton LVIS, East Hampton Group for Wildlife, LongHouse Reserve, Southampton Hospital, The Artist & Writers Annual Charity Softball Game & Auction and many, many more.

Dell has worked in every field of photography from the old darkroom days of developing to mastering digital graphics. He was the appointed photographer for the mayor and Town of Tuxedo, NY where he also served on the fire department in many capacities (fire and rescue tech, water and ice rescue instructor, creator and editor of Tuxedo On Call magazine, firematic photographer for the Orange County Fire District, etc.) His job for the Town included police photographer, FEMA and emergency and all media. He's shot for other fields including insurance claims, auctions, livestock, real estate, weddings, marketing and advertising, glamour, portraits, pets, artists (photos to paint), events, scientific, time lapse projects, aerial drone mapping , agriculture, architecture, etc., etc., etc.

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LVIS 119th Annual Fair Poster

Dell Cullum was honored to be chosen as the artist, whose work was picked for the annual LVIS poster (as shown above). Unfortunately, 2015 was also the year that the Village of East Hampton chose to disrupt the wildlife balance and hired hunters to do a sterilization program on the deer in the village. The program was a complete failure, and many deer either died or suffered from the botched surgeries performed in the field in January. The EH Village Preservation Society spearheaded this inhumane attempt to control nature to better the quality of life for only a small group of individuals while ignoring the wildlife loving community. The LVIS supported the program prior to its execution by making a small donation to the cause (village). Because of this, Dell protested and refused to attend the 2015 LVIS Fair or promote the poster. HE DID NOT SIGN ANY OF THE POSTERS, a rarity in the tradition. Only Dell, has one of a kind, limited signed posters of the 119th annual fair (2015) and they are for sale ONLY through Imagination Nature. To purchase a limited edition signed (2015) LVIS Poster, contact Dell by clicking here.

East Hampton Nature Trail Kiosk Poster:

Dell Cullum was again honored to be chosen to display his wildlife photography on the brand new information kiosk at the Village Nature Trail (a.k.a. Duck Pond) which was erected in 2013. It was changed each season, and Dell continued contributing his photographs to the kiosk until 2015, when he protested the Village's attempt to control nature by allowing the sterilization hunters to dart (shoot) tranquilize deer INSIDE THE ACTUAL NATURE TRAIL SANCTUARY. This being the most distrustful act against our wildlife, forced Dell to end his relationship with the Village and the LVIS as far as any further contributions. He has since mended his relationship with the LVIS, but NOT the Village entirely. Dell Cullum has all his kiosk posters (6) that he was involved in. They are all in excellent condition, one of a kind, and rare part of the Nature Trail history, and ALL POSTERS are for sale. Contact Dell here, for more information or purchase.

CBS2 News New York

Dell Cullum is also a Weather Watcher for channel 2 news CBS. He contributes his local weather forecast and photographs often for the 12:00 & 5:00pm news. Here's a little compilation of appearances Dell's photography has made.

PechaKucha 2019 parrish Art Museum Dell Cullum

PechaKucha 2019 at the Southampton Parrish Art Museum and Auditorium. Dell Cullum was an honored speaker at the event, displaying his wonderful photography and sharing his environmental message of urgency and hope. Watch it here.

The Artist's Friend

Dell Cullum has been hired many times to either shoot or lend a photograph to an artist to paint. One artist even painted one of Dell's pieces hanging on the wall of a painting. In the case of Fred Smith, well known local artist, Dell's photograph helped him finally find a way to paint water, in a way that he had always wished yet had not been able to. Dell was honored by this message from Fred and joined him at Fred's opening where he premiered the watercolor from one of Dell's favorite photographs.

Dell Cullum's Yellowstone Collection 2009 (Not For Sale)

Enjoy this slideshow of some of the favorite stills from Dell Cullum's Northwest Collection. Dell spent several years living below the Grand Tetons on the Idaho side, photographing the beauty of the Northwest springs and summers and the brutal and unforgiving winters. Covering everything from the Landscapes to the Wildlife, Dell's photo collection of Yellowstone alone is spectacular. Here's just a small sample of Dell Cullum's fabulous Northwest Collection of 2009.


For almost 10 years Dell Cullum was a member of the Tuxedo Volunteer Fire Department Company 3: Eagle valley

During that time he accomplished over a dozen NYS Pomona Fire & Rescue Training Center programs from fires involving nuclear, chemical and biological hazards, clandestine drug lab fires, Brush fires, Confined Space Rescue, and many more. He completed the entire 3 part rope rescue training and all rescue training involving water, including swiftwater rescue courses in Pennsylvania and California. He became an instructor of both water rescue (all levels) and Ice rescue. He even designed a Water Rescue software program, manual and hands on training outline that was adopted fire training. Dell single handedly created a firematic magazine with interviews, photographs and training information from our local community and fire district. He even did a story on the Amagansett Fire Department (his hometown) for one of the early issues. The popular magazine was used as both a training and recruiting tool for the Orange County and Tuxedo Fire District. As Dell says, " the best group of firefighters I've ever had the pleasure to know and work with".

His firematic photographs are part of a personal collection and are only displayed on special occasions. This includes Dell's 911 collection. These photos are rarely shown, and some will never be released. Dell was present during the 911 disaster and spent much time volunteering and recording the history of our city's worst disaster, up until December 2001. His photographs were picked to be part of the HERE IS NEW YORK: A DEMOCRACY OF PHOTOGRAPHS book (which he is credited in); however, before the book was published, his photos were removed and shared with an affiliated organization that requested the photos for another fundraising purpose, to benefit the families of fallen firefighters.

Although Dell has since resigned from the fire service, he is still a huge supporter of both the Fire, Police and Emergency Services.

Dell Cullum's Galapagos Collection (Favorites) 2016