Dell Cullum has been shooting since his early days in the US Navy where he originally enlisted to be a Photographers Mate. The training school was full, and rather than wait Dell ended up graduating top honors in Submarine School. Not a promising backdrop for a budding photographer but, that would soon change when he moved to Hawaii.

Forty years later, and Dell has worked in just about every field of photography from documenting disasters for FEMA, real estate photos for celebrities, livestock and insurance work to photojournalism, surveillance, fire & rescue and so much more. His fine art photography covers a vast array of subjects from majestic sunrises, mesmerizing landscapes, close up wildlife, dangerous conditions and the beauty of the human body.

His black and white nudes have sold nationwide and internationally in Paris, Milan, Austria, Japan, Morocco, and more. His colorful sunrise and beach scenes are very popular; however, his high-speed water and wave photography is his biggest selling category. His wildlife photography is also quite amazing because he doesn't use super long lenses but, rather prefers to gain the trust of the animal (sometimes over a period of time) and get up close and personal for some really good shots.

Dell started his photography career with a 35mm film camera, and was quite familiar with working in a dark room. Presently he shoots digital, and is a master in the digital dark room as well. An original student of Adobe's very first version of Photoshop, Dell remains very knowledgeable in the use of all Adobe products and does instruction from time to time when available. This has allowed Dell to become quite amazing at photo restoration and alteration as well. There is really no project too big for Dell to take on. For inquiries, please use the contact form on the CONTACT page, or email Dell at

To hire Dell for a particular shoot (portraits, events, private, etc.) please contact him through the CONTACT FORM on the contact page.

If your interested in modelling, Dell Cullum is often looking for folks to help him with artistic ideas of all genres. Male, female, young and old, (even pets) are welcome to contact Dell and leave your information. Dell will contact you when a project becomes ready for a shoot. Email information and photo to

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Dell Cullum's Yellowstone Collection 2009 (Not For Sale)

Enjoy this slideshow of some of the favorite stills from Dell Cullum's Northwest Collection. Dell spent several years living below the Grand Tetons on the Idaho side, photographing the beauty of the Northwest Springs and Summers and the brutal and unforgiving Winters. Covering everything from the Landscapes to the Wildlife, Dell's photo collection of Yellowstone alone is spectacular. Here's just a small sample of Dell Cullum's fabulous Northwest Collection of 2009.